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Adventures in Nepal

Nepal offers one of the planet's most exotic and diverse adventure travel destination. With varied ecosystems, diverse cultures and incredible high mountain scenery, Nepal is the place to be. Its natural endowment is second to none when it comes to adventure sports.

Rock climbing in Nepal: As the country of the Himalayas, climbing is synonymous with Nepal. While mountaineering is its history, rock and wall climbing are much more recent in that respect but very quickly gaining ground.

Bungee Experience: About 3 hours scenic drive out of Kathmandu is the 160m high bungee jump over the mighty Bhote Koshi River, the 7th highest in the world.

Paragliding: Its like flying’ that’s people’s firsthand accounts of paragliding. A dream that has actually come true for man – to be in the sky and soar with the creatures of the flight.