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While Nepal is blessed with unparallel mountain range in the north, its southern region is covered with dense tropical jungles teeming with diverse wildlife and exotic birds. The preserves along the vast gangetic plains are the richest wildlife zone of Nepal, and one of the best natural areas in Asia. Once the private hunting grounds of Nepal’s ruling families and their guests, these areas were the sites of the royal hunts organized every few years, with hundred of elephants bearing the royalty of Europe and India.


Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National ParkEstablished in 1973 as the first National park in Nepal, Chitwan National Park covers an area of 967 square kilometers at an elevation of about 150 meters above sea level. The Bengal Tiger and great one horned Indian Rhinoceros, both of them endangered species, are the major attractions of the park. Other animals like leopards, sloth bears, wild boars, deer, crocodiles and lesser primates all share common territory within the park. Bird watchers can search for more than 400 different types of bird species while some 67 plus different types of butterflies have been identified in the park. Elephant safari and dugout canoe floats along with nature walks and bird watching hikes in the national park, are an unforgettable experience.

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Karnali Bardia National park

Karnali Badia National ParkThe Bardia National Park is the largest untouched wilderness area in the lowlands bordered to the north by the crest of the Chure hills and to the west by the Geruwa River, a branch of the mighty Karnali River, one of the major tributaries of the Ganges. Most of the reserve is covered with open Sal forest, with a balance mixture of grassland, savannah and mixed forest. The open grassland are excellent for game viewing, you stand a better chance of seeing a tiger here than anywhere else in Nepal, including Chitwan. More than 30 different mammals and 250 species of birds have been recorded in this park. The one horned Indian rhino was reintroduced in this park from Chitwan in 1986, and though breeding successfully, the numbers are still small. The park is also home to the famous Masheer game fish, gharial crocodile and the strange Gangetic dolphin.

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Wildlife excursions  in the national parks are one of the best wildlife experiences in the whole of Asia. Your choice of accommodation entirely depends on the sate of your finances. There are several lodges and wildlife camp inside the park offering some of the most luxurious lodgings in Nepal, well organized game watching activities and above all a unique safari atmosphere.

All accommodation within the park are run under license from the government and provide a range of activities including the elephant rides, nature and jungle walks and boat trips on the river, all escorted by trained naturalists and guides. Most of them also organize cultural shows and natural history talks in the evenings.

Please email us for more details on safari packages available in the National Parks.